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Head Mounted Display

I’m going to create a head mounted display (HMD).  (Think Google Glass, but much cheaper, and much less capable).  

Why? Not sure yet, but I figure I will create and come up with use cases as I go.  

Inspired by this talented guy who graciously posted his creation of a HMD for use with his bluetooth multimeter.  After seeing the arduino and bluetooth module he used, I found Adafruit’s Feather with Bluetooth, which is a single board design and is nice and small.  It also has a built-in lipo charging circuit so you can run it off a battery and charge it through the micro-usb port.

Lots of variations in the Feather Line, so I’m looking forward to playing around with them.

Using the Adafruit Feather M0 Bluefruit LE

Just bought one of these to do a head mounted display (HMD).  Should be fun!

Pinouts | Adafruit Feather M0 Bluefruit LE | Adafruit Learning System

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